How To Network Like A Pro



When it comes to networking, some of us are born with the talent for it, some of us learn what we need along the way. Like everything else in life, it is a trial and error process. But, there are some people who should always be our benchmark when it comes to acquiring this crucial skill! We should be listening, observing, following up, asking questions and genuinely caring about the person.

LISTEN Don’t look around trying to see who’s there, focus on the person you are talking to. Listen to what they are saying. Not only listen but hear them out.

FOLLOW UP  Whether you need a software or a pen and paper it is vital to always follow up, to see how people are doing, to care genuinely and not to call only when you need something. If you need a software solution, check out Contactually!

CARE Do you really care or you are just asking in order to say something or look smart? Because the difference is much more obvious than you know it.


Everyone you meet is struggling with something, no matter how much money they are making and how big their business it. And no matter how small, poor or unsuccessful you may be, there is always at least one thing in which you can have a say and really help someone out. It can be fixing a car, opening the door, preparing coffee, or anything literally that you do better in comparison to them.

Don’t focus on your weaknesses, focus on your strengths!


Time to you is not the time for everyone else. What might be just a passing smile to you can save another person’s life. The connection is NOT an exchange of information it is an exchange of humanity, it is an exchange of emotion. – Sean Stephenson


  • Get good at asking people’s names and using it!
  • Eye locking: Do not look around if there is someone more interesting in the room.
  • Wait until the person is done and you are done. Create a bubble around the two of you.
  • Ask other people’s opinion about things (Human’s aren’t short of opinions, they want to be heard)
  • Touch (make physical contact with someone, create the electrical exchange)


  • Manage your voice, make it smooth and calming, especially when you want to make a connection.
  • Ask questions! You don’t even know where the answer will lead you. The person will get to share and you can get to learn.
  • Be humble. Confidence isn’t arrogance. Humility isn’t shyness.

The connection is like a game of ping pong! Has the ball been on the other side of the table for at least 50% of the time?


The connection is about sharing your trials and tribulations. It is about being real to people. It is not always about putting out the best things about you.